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Woodland View Alpacas FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions and some not so Frequently Asked!

How long are the treks and what is involved? 

Once you have booked your trek, please arrive at the meeting point allowing 10 minutes for the checking in process.  After you have been checked-in you will be taken up to meet the alpacas.  There will be short health and safety briefing before you are handed your alpaca for the trek. The walking element of the trek takes approximately 90 minutes.

Who can go on the treks?

The walks are over parkland and through farmland and wooded areas that can become rough, uneven and muddy. We cannot authorise wheelchairs, pushchairs or walking aids on our treks for these reasons.

All of our walks require a degree of physical fitness. You will have to be able to walk unaided for approximately 90 minutes. If you are unable to do this we would advise that the walks would be unsuitable. Being able to confidently hold on to the animal's lead rope for the duration of the walk is also an essential requirement as both hands are required to hold on to the lead rein for the duration of the trek.

Can children go on the trek?

Children from the age of 6 years can go on the treks. The terrain and duration of the walks is not suitable for children below this age.  For those aged between 6 - 14 years, they will share an alpaca with a ticket holding adult aged 18 + years.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no dogs allowed on the treks. Also, no bikes, trikes or scooters!

Do alpacas spit?

Alpacas do spit but only occasionally.  They generally only spit at each other when they feel threatened or need to tell another alpaca to keep their distance. It is very unlikely for a human to be a deliberate target!

What happens if I’m late?
Late Arrivals - For all experiences we run a strict policy with regards to latecomers. You MUST be checked in at the meeting point 10 minutes before your experience start time. It is essential that you are signed in and ready to start your experience on time. The trek starts with a health and safety briefing and it is for this reason we are unable to accept latecomers under any circumstances. We will be unable to reschedule or refund your experience after this point.

How do I change or amend my booking?
If you would like to change or amend your booking please contact us at  Please note that we require 48 hours notice with regards to a change or cancellation of a booking.

Can I bring a carer and do they need their own ticket?

Our treks require a degree of physical fitness and we need to ensure all customers are aware of the requirements of the experience and can confidently complete it.

If you require special allowances or are a carer bringing someone who you feel needs special allowances, please consider the following information to help decide whether the trek will be suitable.  The treks consists of rough, uneven terrain and can become muddy with adverse weather conditions. For this reason, we cannot authorise wheelchairs, pushchairs or walking aids on the treks. Each trek begins with a health and safety briefing, which all participants must be able to comprehend or have somebody interpret for another individual if required.

Our alpaca walks are run in mixed groups of up to about 20 people at times.  This could potentially be an overwhelming experience for individuals with sensory issues. All animals can be unpredictable and this may be a potential risk for individuals with sensory issues.

Alpacas walk at their own pace and as such, the speed of the group walk is determined by the alpacas.  We cannot wait for individuals who are unable to keep up with the group as all alpacas are herd animals and don't like to be left behind! We would advise against taking part in our treks if any individuals have recurring joint problems, muscle problems or other conditions which may prevent them from successfully completing the walk. Being able to confidently hold on to the animal's lead rope for the duration of the walk is also an essential requirement.

Our general policy is for carers to go free where proof can be provided (carers card, PIP/DLA letter) and when accompanying another paying individual. Where carers can go free, a space does not need to be booked for them, only for the individual under their care but you must advise us when you have booked so that you can be added to the trek.
In all cases, we reserve the right to refuse participation in the trek if we consider there is a safety risk to the visitor or to the animals.

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