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Alpaca Experiences & Alpaca Trekking on the beautiful

 Quex Park Estate, Birchington Kent CT7 0BH

Come and meet these handsome inquisitive creatures and

learn more about them.

Alpaca Trekking Experience

Alpaca Trekking Experience

A 90 minute experience to learn about Alpacas, meeting and walking with the animals in the beautiful woods and countryside of the Quex Park Estate.

An experienced guide to lead the group and answer questions during the visit.
The walks are planned to suit a wide variety of abilities to enable you to get the maximum enjoyment and pleasure from your visit
On arrival you will be signed in and your experience will begin with a short health and safety brief with one of our experienced handlers. 
You will also have the opportunity to learn some facts about these beautiful creatures and where they come from and also more about Quex Park. 
Next we demonstrate how to lead the animals, when you are partnered up with your Alpaca “Buddy” we will take you for a slow walk around the beautiful Quex Park estate.